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For over 25 years, George has worked in the mental health field, with organizations and individuals, helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives by motivating individuals to identify and move past their self-limiting beliefs. Georges own experience in life dealing with chronic pain and physical limitations, and his frustration with what the medical-mental health fields offered to address this led him to journey into the physical health field seeking a more holistic approach.

Graduate of the prestigious Healing Arts Institute, George Bishop is a master of Body Insight. This is a unique neuromuscular method that uses movement during corrective manipulation for a faster return to optimal muscle function. After graduation in 2009 he completed a year with the institute as a TA and went on to additional trainings, adding the techniques of Shiatsu, Abhyanga (hot oil), Aromatherapy lymphatic, and Reflexology to his range of offerings.He has worked as a massage therapist in his own practice since graduation focusing primarily on athletes from yoga, to weight lifters, and bicyclists. In this work he has found many persons for whom merely correcting their physical body was only the beginning and that by gaining body insight there entire functioning in life improved.

George brings a variety of other trainings related to the body insight work to assist you and provide value added therapeutic massage; as a Master Reiki practitioner, a certified yoga teacher, and certified Life Coach he can address rehabilitative exercises for clients on these levels as well.